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Texas Tech Celtic Ensemble: Links

TTU Celtic Ensemble's External Links

TTU Celtic Ensemble @ You Tube
Texas Tech University Celtic Ensemble's YouTube channel
TTU Celtic Ensemble @ Texas Tech
Site for ensemble members, on the TTU servers
The Vernacular Music Center @ Texas Tech University
Home page for the Vernacular Music Center at Texas Tech University
The Roots Music Institute
Dr Smith's 501c(3) non-profit: sister organization to the TTU Vernacular Music Center
Tech Irish Set-Dancers
Registered Student Organization, often partners with Celtic Ensemble
Caprock English Country Dancers
Abi Rhoades's dance group, specializing in English Country Dancing. Partners with the "Playford Band" through the TTU Vernacular Music Center
Caprock Morris
Border morris dance side, often partners with VMC and Celtic Ensemble
Texas Tech Early Music Ensemble
Professor Angela Mariani's Collegium, specializing in historical performance. Partners with the VMC and the Roots Music Institute in the "Playford Band"
Caprock Early Music Associates
Professor Angela Mariani's 501c(3) non-profit, bringing historical performance, concerts, instruction and advocacy to the Southwest.

Dr. Christopher J. Smith

Dr. Christopher J Smith's Bio @ Texas Tech
Faculty biography for Dr. Christopher J. Smith at Texas Tech University, the director of the TTU Celtic Ensemble.
The commercial site for Dr. Christopher J. Smith, director of the TTU Celtic Ensemble.
Dr Smith's YouTube Channel
Dr. Christopher Smith's YouTube channel. Hosts many videos significant to the TTU Celtic Ensemble.

Texas Tech University

The Texas Tech University School of Music
Home page of the School of Music at Texas Tech University
Coalition of University Traditional Music Ensembles
A network started by the TTU Celtic Ensemble open to any University-based traditional music ensemble that performs any kind of traditional or folk music from any region or culture and the people who support them.
TTU Celtic Ensemble @ MySpace
The Official MySpace page for the TTU Celtic Ensemble