Tá sé i gceart ball den bhanna mé ("It's OK--I'm in the band")

TTU's Celtic Ensemble is a small ensemble of 15-19 musicians (winds, strings, percussion, voice) specializing in group performance of the traditional dance music and song of the seven Celtic nations: Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Cornwall, Galicia, and the Isle of Man. We typically learn and play by ear and participants are assisted in learning traditional instruments (winds: simple-system timber flute, tin whistle, bombarde, bagpipes; strings: fiddle, banjo, bouzouki, guitar, harp; percussion: bodhran, bones; keyboard: accordion) and in appropriate languages insofar as possible. We play recitals, guest concerts, and participate in many service performances both on and off-campus: Celtic Christmas, Madrigal Dinners, Reading Marathon, and so on.