Raggle Taggle Gypsies:
Based in a very old song, sometimes known as “Lady Cassile’s Lilt,” and later as “Black Jack Davy” or “The Gypsy Davy,” it recounts the (apparently true) story of a Renaissance Scots nobleman’s wife who left her husband for the King of the Gypsies. This version from the source singer Walter Pardon.

Lord Randal:
This song, Child Ballad #12, first appears in the cornerstone 1787 Scots Musical Museum, though the story is found in even earlier versions in Germany and Italy. The historical basis may have been the 1232 poisoning, by his wife, of the sixth Earl of Chester. From Martin Carthy.


From the Multi-Media Show, September 2008.

Raggle Taggle Gyspies
Sung by Kim Carter
Featuring an audio clip of Walter Pardon.

Lord Randal
Sung by Lauren Joiner and Kelli Rohlman

Featuring Reynaldo Patino and Full Ensemble.